| PUBLISHED: Jan. 14, 2022

Inspiral Architects wins prestigious Unesco Prix Versailles Award

We are delighted with the wonderful news that we are winners of the Highly prestigious Unesco Prix Versailles award for sustainable architecture. After 12 years of operation it is such an honor and privilege that we have been awarded this prestigious accolade. 94 extraordinary architectural designs were shortlisted world-wide and we are part of the […]


architecture | PUBLISHED: Nov. 3, 2021


SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS – Polypropylene Fiber Inspiration and sustainability are the core of Inspiral Architects. Driven to preserve the environment, we are utilizing long-lasting and sustainable building materials. Thereby, our architects and engineers have been using Polypropylene Fiber (PPF) for the past nine years. A lightweight material that contains the utmost toughness and high permeability resistance. […]


| PUBLISHED: May. 21, 2021

What’s Required In Designing A Successful Building Development Plan?

There’s a huge urge to get started on home improvement projects right away. Isn’t it true that the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll finish? Unfortunately, if you haven’t done any preliminary preparation, it won’t turn out that way. Each design professional and contractor operates in a unique manner, but most homeowners must follow the […]


| PUBLISHED: May. 14, 2021

Contemporary vs. Modern Architecture: Learning the Difference

When it comes to architecture and interior design, the terms “new” and “contemporary” are often interchanged. Despite the similarities between historic and contemporary houses, there are significant variations between the two styles. We’ll break down the key elements of historic and contemporary architecture in this article and explain how to tell them apart. What is […]


| PUBLISHED: Apr. 23, 2021

Why You Should Hire Interior Design Services for Your Architectural Projects

Why do we think hiring an interior designer is a smart idea? As an expert in Architecture Home Consultancy in Indonesia, one of our core values at Inspiral Architect is that everyone deserves to live in an amazing space that gives them comfort and joy. Your room should not only be beautiful, but it should […]


| PUBLISHED: Apr. 16, 2021

3 Sustainable Building Design Trends Of 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, it seems that home-bound time will continue long into the next, influencing how interior design will evolve in the future. People are increasingly moving toward more environmentally friendly ways of living and even building. Inspiral Architect, a top Architecture Consulting Firm in Indonesia compiled a list of the most environmentally […]


| PUBLISHED: Mar. 25, 2021

7 Facts about Interior Designing

From the antiquate times up till this contemporary world, the élan of interior designing has changed dramatically. Interior designing is not only about furnishing and filling up space. It is about how to use up space more practically and embellish it in a more eye-catching way. Inspiral architects present you with some constructive facts about […]


| PUBLISHED: Mar. 11, 2021

How to Design your Living Room?

A living room is basically the center and the focal point of all things at home. Whether you design it in that way or not, it still needs to be on top of functionality since all things casual or not such as meet up with guests or simply chilling and watching TV would be here.  […]


| PUBLISHED: Feb. 19, 2021

Uncovering Interior Designing Myths

People have different myths regarding almost every profession so as interior designing. They have various perceptions about the industry and mechanism, but unfortunately, many don’t know how it works and what it takes to create a beautiful design. The best architecture home consultancy in Indonesia, the Inspiral Architects offer reliable interior design experts, who are […]


| PUBLISHED: Jan. 25, 2021

The Importance of Master Planning In Architecture

If we talk about the art of architecture, it is all about necessary planning and strategy. To search for the cohesive project that fits into the required standards, then a collaborative work of business owners, construction management team, and architects play a vital role. In performing architecture, some people might neglect to pay heed attention […]


| PUBLISHED: Jan. 18, 2021

8 Interior Design Tips to Make a Great First Impression

Giving your whole house an impressive look from the exterior and interior side is the ultimate wish of every single house owner. It is always a nice feeling to hear a guest letting you know that they have fallen in love with the beauty of your house. But how is it possible? Here we have […]


| PUBLISHED: Dec. 24, 2020

10 Tricks to Make Your Home Look Spacious

Are you ready to make your house look spacious for others? Have you been looking for some magic tricks to add to your home with immense effects? Home decoration is the wish of every single house maker, and for that sake, they always make an effort to add their small house with some spacious appearance. […]


| PUBLISHED: Dec. 18, 2020

9 Ideas to Cut Energy Costs for Homeowners

The best way to save your energy at home is to make small adjustments and perform some primary everyday maintenance. Here, the leading architecture consulting firm in Indonesia has listed down some energy-saving techniques to work into your daily existence — summer, winter, and year-round. In most homes, home equipment is the essential driver of […]


| PUBLISHED: Dec. 16, 2020

Award winning design

Our designs for Invest Islands’ Torok hills development in Lombok has been named ‘Best Hospitality Development’ at the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards 2020. With its panoramic Indian Ocean views and iconic luxury facilities all within a sustainably conscious infrastructure, our design received the prestigious award ahead of fellow finalists from Japan and Malaysia that employed […]


| PUBLISHED: Nov. 3, 2020

Inspiral’s latest project featured in Arch Daily!

The team at at Inspiral Architects were so thrilled to be published in Arch Daily last week. Of course great recognition for our team but also worth noting that every time a project which prioritizes sustainability is commended on the international stage, its a win for all of us pushing for a sustainable revolution in […]


| PUBLISHED: Sep. 8, 2020

Natural Minimalism In Architecture

Minimalism in architecture is often associated and identified by geometry and materials. Characteristically speaking it involves materials such as concrete, glass and steel. However there are no hard and fast rules with regards to materials and more recently many designers are achieving this minimalist aesthetic using natural and sustainable materials. The juxtaposition of these natural […]


| PUBLISHED: Aug. 18, 2020

Illuminate to Maximise!

With an increase in land prices and many capital cities around the world struggling to house their populations various concepts have arisen to to accommodate dense populations into limited spaces. At Inspiral we are have seen and experienced first had the impact of large scale and rapid urbanization of green zones of our home [&hellip]


| PUBLISHED: Aug. 15, 2020

10 Architectural Innovative Technologies All Architects Should Know

Technology in the architectural industry has gained immense fame over the last couple of years. Exponential growth in fascination with virtual and augmented reality has been observed amongst various forms of architecture. Below is a list of 10 most astounding technologies in the industry.  SMART HOME This tech has grown significantly in recent years. [&hellip]


| PUBLISHED: Jul. 20, 2020


 Green architecture or sustainable construction is an approach to building in order to minimize the harmful effects of construction on the environment and human health. This kind of architecture makes an attempt to safeguard water air and earth by choosing eco-friendly construction processes as well as the building material. Building a [&hellip]


| PUBLISHED: Jul. 15, 2020


A house is a place where a person spends most of their   life this is where our emotions range from the celebratory to times of sadness. This is where we eat sleep relax and see our children grow within the boundaries of this structure. Given how much a house means to its [&hellip]


| PUBLISHED: Jul. 7, 2020

Ulaman Eco Retreat Resort (phase one) Completed

Although Bali has fortunately been less directly effected by the pandemic, with very few casualties, most businesses on the island have closed their doors. However construction work continues and therefore we are delighted to announce that phase one of  The Ulaman Eco Retreat has been completed. Located inland in an area called Kaba-Kaba, these buildings […]


| PUBLISHED: Jun. 15, 2020

Workplace Design & Where It’s Heading Amidst COVID-19

Workplaces are in many ways our second home and we deliberately design offices with full attention due to the fact we spend almost half of our life there with colleagues. Contemporary workplaces are intended as places to develop high aims with creative, solutions driven focus where productivity and successful outcomes flow. Since the COVID-19 break […]


| PUBLISHED: Jun. 17, 2020

Upcoming School Designs: How Space and Furniture Influences Learning

With time school innovations have been modernized as it is a right of the student to get maximum facilities within school premises. All kids need to have an appealing environment to stay healthy and safe. While the furniture of the class plays an important role in the concentration and development of a childs learning . […]


| PUBLISHED: May. 21, 2020

The Steps To Take To Start An Architectural Firm

Some people have dreams to start an architectural firm as they are aspired by designers and founders. They can transform their dreams into reality with a high level of professional creativity and flexibility. Some people create a direct start – up  after university while the majority of others spending time in a professional architectural office […]


| PUBLISHED: May. 25, 2020

8 Tips To Design Smart Homes

Typical home designs have not considered the benefits using smart technologies and how they not only improve the quality of life for the occupant, but also maintains how the building functions efficiently in terms of usage and energy. The automation of a home will greatly become a requirement as its advantages are already available to […]


| PUBLISHED: Apr. 20, 2020

5 Ways Architects Can Work Smartly Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the outbreak of the virus, COVID-19, a WHO-declared ‘global pandemic’ means that all public workplaces have been closed and lockdown put in place.  For those in the hospitality and manual labour industry, this has resulted in either a lack of opportunities or abrupt unemployment, which is surging. At a time like this, it […]


| PUBLISHED: Mar. 20, 2020

Factors to Consider When Planning Architectural Work

When you plan to design your home, whether it’s new or rebuilding the existing home, you would consider investing in the project according to your budget. While if the size of the house doesn’t bother you and you fixed an amount for the renovation, then the quality would be compromised. Inversely if you choose high-quality […]


| PUBLISHED: Mar. 12, 2020

How to Attain Architectural Originality?

Originality can be defined as a combination of old ideas and methods together to create a new thing in fashion, thinking about something that hasn’t done before. Architectural originality comes initially from the rough sketches designed for your building. This is the fastest transfer from mind to matter. The best architects are always sketching. Too […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Feb. 29, 2020

Amazing Trends That Should be Followed by Architects in 2020

Every citizen wants a high-quality life in their hometown. Architects also have a hand in improving the quality of life. Architects help in building gorgeous offices, homes, and houses in a country. But with the changing lifestyles and circumstances, the trends of architects are also seeing a shift as they bring innovation according to the […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Feb. 27, 2020

How to Find the Right Architect For Your Project

An architect is the one who materializes your ideas, whether you are looking to build or renovate any residential or commercial project. It is not an easy job to shape the ideas of clients exactly as they have imagined and for that, you need to find the right architect who can cater to your needs. […]


| PUBLISHED: Feb. 14, 2020

Bali Beach Clean-up

Preserving the environment and sharing our eco-friendly philosophy is one of our main concerns at Inspiral Architect. So let’s all unite for a fun beach clean up on Saturday !!!


Articles | PUBLISHED: Jan. 23, 2020

What Inspires an Architect?

Architects  have shown significant improvement in their work during the past few years around the world. They are stretching the boundaries of physics and imagination to develop creative constructions, going from skyscraper buildings with gravity-defying designs to innovative eco-friendly houses, but how do they get inspired to deliver such excellence? There may be four major […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Jan. 20, 2020

How Architects Use Light, Space, and Material to Affect Your Mood?

Places we live in have an important effect on our  body and mind. Many aspects effect this such as the way it functions, the composition of form, the changing of scales, focal points, and the flow of movement are a number of examples. However, the specifics of light, building interior dimensions and use of  materials […]


| PUBLISHED: Nov. 20, 2019

New Developments in Environmentally-Friendly Buildings

The world is facing challenging times due to climate change. Many countries around the world have adopted environmentally friendly techniques including efficient recycling processes, use of renewable energy, using sustainable materials and site specific ways to reduce the effects of global warming. As the construction in major urban locations is on the rise, especially in […]


| PUBLISHED: Nov. 20, 2019

Emerging Trends That Will Shape the Future of Architecture [Updated 2019]

How will the current form of architecture look like in the future, and what possible changes are coming our way? We see massive changes in each industry around us due to the advancement in technology. We may not be closer to colonizing mars or to driving robotic flying cars, but various fields need our attention, […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Oct. 18, 2019

Learning about Balinese Architecture & It’s Design Philosophy

Balinese culture is considered to be one of the most heartwarming cultures there is. As the multitude of incoming cultures become more present through modernisation and global bridging, there is becoming a more obvious affliction with integral Balinese culture. The architectural design and the design philosophy of Balinese architecture also relates to Balinese culture and […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Sep. 14, 2019

Why Boats Attract the Architects?

Boats can be considered as a part of modern architectural design or a case can be made for it perhaps. Perhaps naval design is considered to be a symbolized perception of buildings nowadays. There’s no doubt that modern architects have found inspiration from the early 20th century liners. As architectural systems become more complex, and […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Aug. 27, 2019

Exceptional Drawings That Changed Architecture

Drawing is a way to communicate your ideas to the world. The architectural drawing creates a vision for what could be materialized and the core detailing of the technical relationships of construction and design. It is a simple way to express your ideas. All the great work of engineering and architecture we see around was […]


| PUBLISHED: May. 29, 2019

Empowering women in architecture

The conversation around women in architecture has long been an interesting one. In- theory the profession is completely open to both genders, however a culture has developed within the profession where it has become a male dominated field. At Inspiral we are constantly thinking about we can have the balance of respecting the culture of […]


| PUBLISHED: Jan. 29, 2019

Inspiral at the Archinesia Forum

Friday February 1st 2019 1800 – 2000.  Join in the discussion and see some of the latest projects at the cutting edge of tropical design and architecture.


Articles | PUBLISHED: Jan. 22, 2019

6 Important Questions to Ask Your Architect

After choosing a professional architect for your home renovation or construction, the end results also depends upon the conversation you have with him or her and how nicely you communicate your ideas to him or her. To make conversations as productive as possible, a reliable architecture consulting firm in Bali suggests a few questions you […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Jan. 22, 2019

6 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring an Architect

6 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring an Architect Without proper planning and strategies, it can be a challenging task to complete a construction project on which you are about to spend more money. Many people building their dream homes or any commercial premises may require a lot of help from professional architects. To […]


| PUBLISHED: Jan. 19, 2019

The Secret to Successful Resort Design in Asia

Inspiral is delighted to be engaged as the main architecture and design consultants on numerous exciting hotel and resort projects. Resorts as a opposed to hotels are booming in popularity, the difference being resorts are thought to offer more of “an experience” than a hotel, of course there are exceptions to this rule. Our approach […]


| PUBLISHED: Sep. 19, 2018

THINC Conference

It is essential for the architects of today to understand the needs and wants of the occupants of the environments we create. From this end point, and taking into consideration the scope and budget provided by our clients, we design spaces that cater to the occupants whose standards are high and are accustomed to expecting […]


Events | PUBLISHED: Jul. 2, 2018

Continual professional development at Asali Bali

On the 22nd of June, the Inspiral Architects team- consisting of architects, engineers and designers- attended a workshop at a bamboo construction center to further expand our knowledge on the treating, processing and construction techniques of bamboo. Asali Bali has been established since 2009 and specialises in bamboo construction. They offered a Bamboo workshop as […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: May. 3, 2018

Water shortage

  At Inspiral we are acutely aware that Indonesia is a huge contributor to the issue of global climate change. An example of this is what can only be described as a “water crisis” on the Island of the Gods. The Island is under strain from mass development over the past 10 years, little feasibility […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Apr. 11, 2018


In February 2018 Charlie our lead Architect went to Nepal for a site inspection of a new project. Michael Wang, the director of  JW  Marriot Group for Asia experienced Merah Putih restaurant a couple of years ago and after various meetings and discussions this lead to Inspiral being listed on their recommended architects list for […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Apr. 11, 2018

Beach clean up

Part of the philosophy of Inspiral as a company is sustainable and ethical practices. As a business we try to operate in the most eco-friendly manner possible, for example by recycling our waste and encouraging our staff to use plastic at a minimum. We also firmly believe in Corporate Social Responsibility which is why we […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Nov. 8, 2017

A construction material used by our ancestors

We love using earth as one of our construction materials! It is an ancient method that has been rediscovered as a sustainable technique for constructing walls, floors and foundations utilizing natural materials like earth, chalk or gravel. For us as a collective of architects, designers and engineers it is


Articles | PUBLISHED: Oct. 28, 2017


Read two part one of Meghanas and Robins experiences as architecture interns in our office. The interview is taken by Anna. Could you describe the design culture of INSPIRAL and how it differs from other architects? Meghana: Inspiral is quiet experimental with the form of the buildings ,the Inspiral team is always trying something new […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Oct. 27, 2017

Working at INSPIRAL

This week, our members give you an insight into their work at INSPIRAL. Read now part one of Meghanas and Robins experiences as architecture interns in our office. The interview is taken by Anna. First of all: You are hundrets of kilometers away from your home countrys India and the Netherlands: What was your motivation […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Oct. 27, 2017


From the 28th of October to 11th of November 2017 Indonesian Young Architects (IYA) unveils their exhibition, 1 are house: A living space for Bali’s Millennials. Yoda Philo, Inspiral architect, will present his model called AMOGHAus. “Amogha in Sanskirt means productive or fruitful, which is the exact requirement of this exhibition: 1 are is a […]


Events | PUBLISHED: Oct. 23, 2017

Sustainability begins with the behavior of every single human-being

Last weekend the first International Conference of Architecture and Civil Engineering took place at Warmedewa University, Denpasar. Charlie Hearn, director and lead architect of Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios, gave a presentation that focused on sustainable applications and gained a lot of applause for his highly modern concepts that harmonize sustainability and architecture. “I really […]


Events | PUBLISHED: Aug. 3, 2017

Denpasar Design Talk

Charlie is going to be a speaker at the Denpasar Design Talk on the 5th of August. He will share his DesignLife, how he ended up in Bali, what’s his favorite design and what’s inspiring him. The event is all about what creative minds do living and designing in Bali. Location: CushCush Gallery Time: 10am-12pm […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Aug. 24, 2016

The Practice in Bali Interiors

Please follow the link below: THE PRACTICE    


Events | PUBLISHED: Mar. 18, 2016

The Practice is open, providing a new hub for the local and global yoga community.

The Practice is an all purpose yoga and community hub in near proximity to the beach, capturing views over luscious rice fields and towering volcanoes in the distance. Appealing to the modern practitioner, the philosophy of connection, harmony, tranquillity and the natural elements are extended into the architecture embodying this. The development makes the most […]


Events | PUBLISHED: Dec. 23, 2015

Inspiral Architects has moved its office to Kerobokan!

We are excited to announce that we have relocated our office to Kerobokan! Last week, Inspiral’s team contributed to a successful movement of the office equipment and created a completely new workplace. The office is surrounded by Bali’s beautiful nature and the architecture of the building is enriched by using strand woven bamboo and glass […]


Events | PUBLISHED: Dec. 15, 2015

The Green City Exhibition Series 2015 was a great success!

During the Green City Exhibition Series 2015 in Jakarta, Charlie Hearn was set as keynote speaker and it was a great success! Last 2-5 December the exhibitions and seminars were held at the Indonesian Catholic University of Atma Jaya with the aim to improve the city development towards a greener approach. Charlie Hearn shared his […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Nov. 10, 2015

The Single Bowl Chair is in intensive use!

REPOST from @oddbali: “Good morning!! Have you tried our Singing Bowl Chair? It’s soooo comfortable you’ll want to stay there in a permanent nap. Our friend @hearncf from @inspiralarchitects just nailed it with this design!” The SINGING BOWL CHAIR uses a hemispherical design to embrace one or two people in a most relaxing way. Made […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Nov. 8, 2017

Using bamboo in a unique way. How to turn grass into a wood

The Practice is an all purpose yoga and community hub in near proximity to the beach, capturing views over luscious rice fields and towering volcanoes in the distance. Appealing to the modern practitioner, the philosophy of connection, harmony, tranquillity and the natural elements are extended into the architecture embodying this.


Events | PUBLISHED: Oct. 29, 2015

Charlie Hearn set as Keynote Speaker at Green City Seminars and Workshops

Inspiral’s founder Charlie Hearn will be speaking at the Green City Seminars and Workshops, hosted at the Indonesian Catholic University of Atma Jaya. The 3-day conference will take place in early December. The objectives in conducting the seminar as part of the exhibitions series is to provide initial educative platform to young generations, especially university […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Oct. 17, 2017

Breathe fresh life into an old story…

This is not just nostalgic, this is eco-friendly and sustainable! For a lot of our projects we use reclaimed teak wood. One example is The Cove – a 5 bedroom villa near Balian Village, Bali (find more pictures on Pinterest). While our clients wonder from which old house or palace the wooden plank under their […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Oct. 23, 2017

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

― Augustine of Hippo. Working at Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios – Inspiral as employer: In the following week the members of Inspiral will give you an insight into their work. Our social media and marketing intern Anna wrote the first article: Today I would like to open a few pages that I have read […]


Events | PUBLISHED: Oct. 18, 2017

Charlie Hearn: Keynote speaker at Warmadewa University International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering

This Friday, Charlie Hearn will be one of the keynote speakers of the Warmadewa University International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering. The conference will take place in Denpasar on the 20th and 21st of October. The theme of this years conference is “Sustainability, Design and Culture”. About the conference: “Construction and technological development gives […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: Oct. 15, 2015

The Inspiral Team is proud to present the completed work of the Jayagiri Villa.

With its unique blend of modern design and tropical elegance, the 4-bedroom, 2-story villa is an exemplary model of ecologically efficient features, including passive cooling techniques which drastically reduce the use of mechanical air conditioning as well as a solar thermal heating process for water. The eco-friendly, luxurious villa sits on 9.55 acres in Denpasar […]


Events | PUBLISHED: May. 8, 2015

A huge thanks for your support and generosity! Through your compassion for the well being and safety for others in crisis, we have exceeded our target!

The volunteers for Nepal left yesterday morning, with a range medical supplies, water filters, safety equipment, and materials for shelter. Read all automatic soap dispenser reviews to know more about them. However the main need is for food as no NGOs or professional aid workers have managed to reach that area yet. It could be […]


Events | PUBLISHED: Apr. 14, 2015

Inspiral were recently involved with the Bali Spirit festival to create a temporary installation for the entrance to the festival.

With a short time frame from concept to erection, a interesting solution was created. Based on a hyperbolic paraboloid form, this bamboo structure used traditional weaving techniques and curved arched members that drew entrants into a dynamic tunnel. Lighting was designed and installed by Lightcom.


Articles | PUBLISHED: Feb. 5, 2014

MARCH 2014 ANALYSIS Insights


Articles | PUBLISHED: Sep. 4, 2013

Merah Putih has been shortlisted for the 2013 Cityscape Awards for Emerging Markets

We are happy to announce that Merah Putih Restaurant has been shortlisted for the 2013 Cityscape Awards for Emerging Markets in the categories ‘Leisure & Tourism (Built)’ and ‘Sustainability Awards (Built)’


Events | PUBLISHED: Aug. 20, 2013

International Design & Architecture Awards – Please vote for Merah Putih Restaurant!

We are happy to announce that Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios have been shortlisted for The International Design & Architecture Awards 2013 in the Restaurant Award category by the Design Society and Design et al. We would be very grateful if you could show your support for great architecture in Indonesia by taking just a […]


Events | PUBLISHED: May. 27, 2013

Jakarta Expo

    Jakarta Green right Expo. The Eco smart green team of which Inspiral studios is a part of, represented the latest in green designs and technologies available to major building projects in Indonesia. This successful event allowed a large range of developers, businesses, clients, and university students to be involved in an exchange of […]


Articles | PUBLISHED: May. 21, 2013

‘More reviews for Merah Putih’

Please Follow this link:  


Articles | PUBLISHED: Feb. 1, 2013

The Royal Kamuela Transformed

  Situated on a beautiful West Lombok beachside, this resort provides individuality and luxury. Using contemporary building forms enriched with natural materials, a seemless union is made between interesting built spaces and its surroundings. Maintaining the views through the site towards the sea or gardens is perhaps the most important aspect to the resort. Since […]


Events | PUBLISHED: Jun. 7, 2012

Gili Meno Beach Resort