5 Ways Architects Can Work Smartly Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

PUBLISHED Apr. 20, 2020

Most of the people are working from home nowadays because of the rapidly spreading disease named coronavirus. It is pneumonia type disease enters the lungs and block respiration that’ why patient die without oxygen. It has become a potential pandemic and caused country-wide shutdowns, and every industry has been closed since the design and architecture are also affected. The people are asked to stay home and save the lives of others.

Because of technology now, architects can work from home online to process the projects by working remotely. Inspiral Architects, the leading architecture company in Bali brings you some of the ways to extend the capabilities of an architect to work successfully staying home in this critical situation of the world.

1. Invest In A Mobile Workstation

Because of the high-performance machines (laptops), it is possible to work from home for architectures and designers like (real-time visualization and virtual reality). They need to connect to the powerful processing, and good graphics make the dimensions from about anywhere. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, it has been challenging to go to the site physically and do work. The Govt put on restrictions on people not to come out until the condition is under control.

People are now working from home online, like drawings, project rendering, and presentations, and to communicate with each other.

2. MakeYour Office Workspace At Home

In this pandemic situation, when none comes out, you can organize a workspace at your home where you can connect to the world. It is needed to separate your home affairs, and working place so allocate some space. It only means if you don’t designate an area at home and work from your bed or couch, then you would be distracted and feel lethargic. To create some space or corner for your work at home and keep your personal and official work separate.

3. SetYour Boundaries

Though working from home is a bit hard time, but you can do nothing else but to set your limits so you may not be switching off often between working. You can avoid overworking by setting up work limitations and establish a routine. Do not sit along all day long on the chair in front of the laptop, but do some physical exercise to keep yourself healthy. Keep yourself balanced by working remotely and remember to sign off on time.

4. ManageTeam Communication

Though the current situation everywhere in the world is not letting us go out and work, then it is also harder to work consistently with transparency within the team. Especially when you are not physically connected to your organization but thanks to some applications which let you stay connected to your organization like (skype, slack, and others). You can use the internet freely and report your everyday work through work logs to give the staff operation a sense of well-being.

5. Stay Connected With Clients And Consultants

Being an architect, it isn’t difficult to connect with your clients online and others such as (third party, fellow consultants, developers, and contractors). All you can get in one place and get a successful project completion without having difficulty visiting sites with limited people. You can use different tools such as Zoom for video conferencing with the directors of the firms, manufacturers, and others.

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