How to Attain Architectural Originality?

Originality can be defined as a combination of old ideas and methods together to create a new thing in fashion, thinking about something that hasn’t done before. Architectural originality comes initially from the rough sketches designed for your building. This is the fastest transfer from mind to matter. The best architects are always sketching. Too often young designers are going directly to computer to begin the design process which can inhibit imagination because there is a delay in releasing that emotional, pragmatic and instinctual expression. Without imagination, innovations and inventions are often impossible to engage the support of societies.

You may have seen certain hurdles while obtaining architectural originality, as it always consists of something useful or new.

1. The Social Sharing Effect

This is not necessary; your colleague has the same visionary approach as you have to see things just the way you cannot corporate your idea to someone else. It is a difficult task, though, but if you can do that, then the hurdle is the probability of similar things would increase between projects.

However, some extra effort to find the resources can open your mind, and you can create a new thing that would separate you from the crowd. Though many times your idea may not be original or the inspiration from the stuff you liked once or seen you don’t need to be ashamed of. This happens when you learn something from previous experiences and try to create a better and new one as the original.

2. New Technological Challenges

Creating something new with the evolving technology which soon gets outdated, you need to make extra effort to find the architectural originality. You need to explore new techniques along with your self-created ideas that are popping in your mind will cover the undiscovered ground.

3. Geographical Limitations

Living in a place, study and get a job within the same country is quite a comfortable and safe option as it won’t affect your originality. But the thing affects you, would be exchanged between cultures which have become today world’ phenomena allowing us to learn from each other.

If this formula is applied to the architectural originality by combining the ideas and problem solving from a full breadth of experiences. This will create an entire change and new things that were impossible in the past. Because of less transportation and communication issues, now you can get the advantage of new resources to understand geographical glass buildings.

4. Material Limitations

Well, it depends on the architecture to create a changed parameter for designing a building instead of contextual parameters that comes with encoding. This mixture of materials and methods used for different stages in design could add a breath of fresh air. It is not needed for you to stick with technology or traditional materials to try finding something unique with old building techniques.

5. Getting Attached To Your Ideas

Before planning to build your home, you may have some sharp images in your mind as an idea of how to design it so you may get attached to that idea. You may have already convinced yourself to live in the way you thought, but unluckily, innovations rarely come out of the concept. That means it’s not necessary what you thought can take a solid shape.

Don’t worry, before you, there have been many people in the history who failed before succeeding, so generating ideas will give you higher chances of getting it right.