Inspiral’s latest project featured in Arch Daily!

The team at at Inspiral Architects were so thrilled to be published in Arch Daily last week. Of course great recognition for our team but also worth noting that every time a project which prioritizes sustainability is commended on the international stage, its a win for all of us pushing for a sustainable revolution in architecture. Ulaman Eco Retreat is a great example of a project that embraces sustainability but still has achieved luxury. For the participant the experience of the resort is heightened with being totally surrounded by nature and natural materials. The clean smooth lines of the geometry of the structure and the interiors enhances a feeling of comfort not attained in more rustic eco designs.

At Inspiral we are total advocates of doing what you can when you can when it comes to sustainability features and integrations, we would actually rather a world where it didn’t even need hi-lighting, we need to move beyond its capacity as a marketing tool and more towards it being inherent and essential in our design philosophy. For many architects the challenge often lies in convincing the client, but even a small incorporation in terms of an eco design feature whether it be money saving energy efficiency or lower price per square meter using eco materials can lead to significant sustainability.

the structure has been made with bamboo, much of which was harvested from the site. Not only is this fast growing material incredibly sustainable, its flexibility means were able to create spaces that echo the abundance of life in the tropics. Built objects have been created which seek to biologically morph from the surrounding elements, in effect growing from the ground and sprouting among the rich vegetation.

Bamboo is of course not unique to Ulaman as a constriction material, however the medium that is rather unique is rammed earth. Ulaman is arguably one of the largest scale rammed earth projects in Indonesia to date and stayed tuned for Ulaman phase 2 for more integration of cutting edge eco technologies and features. One of Inpsiral’s well know projects is Merah Putih Restaurant, this is a great example of a high end destination restaurant where the architecture and design has created this feeling of grandeur whilst incorporating a rain water collection and recycling system.