What’s Required In Designing A Successful Building Development Plan?

There’s a huge urge to get started on home improvement projects right away. Isn’t it true that the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll finish? Unfortunately, if you haven’t done any preliminary preparation, it won’t turn out that way. Each design professional and contractor operates in a unique manner, but most homeowners must follow the same steps to reach the construction process.

Here are some critical steps to help you prepare for a successful business expansion, as well as the reasons why they’re so critical for every project.


It’s time to start making a proposal after you’ve chosen a design company. There are normally two, if not three, viable options for achieving the design objectives. The plans are known as schematic designs, and they typically include a rough outline of the floor plan as well as some basic views of the home’s exterior if an addition is being built. This initial design process will take several months if the project is larger or the homeowners want additional improvements made to the schematics.

Hiring a Design Professional

Many homeowners employ an architect or an interior designer, or both, to develop a plan and a comprehensive scope of work. Every business operates in its own way, and design licensing varies by state. Many designers assist with material and paint choices on projects that do not need significant structural changes or additions. Architects can work on a variety of projects, or they can focus solely on floor plans and approvals, leaving the electrical plan, baths, and kitchen to another builder.


Permitting can take a day, months, or even years, depending on the scale of your project and where it is located. Until you file for permits, you should have an idea of how long the process will take, so you can estimate when your project can begin. Depending on where you live and the size of your project, permit fees can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.


Do you enjoy shopping or despise it? This can influence whether or not you hire a designer to assist you with material choices. Even those who enjoy shopping can become overwhelmed by the variety of options and seek professional advice. Do not undervalue the number of options available, which range from doorknobs and windows to countertops and light fixtures.

It’s best to choose anything before construction begins to keep the project costs under control. This will allow your contractor to give you an estimate for the work you want done and to better plan material purchases based on lead times. By the time you’ve completed all of these steps; it’ll have been four to six months, if not longer, since you first spoke with design professionals.

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