Natural Minimalism In Architecture

Minimalism in architecture is often associated and identified by geometry and materials. Characteristically speaking it involves materials such as concrete, glass and steel. However there are no hard and fast rules with regards to materials and more recently many designers are achieving this minimalist aesthetic using natural and sustainable materials. The juxtaposition of these natural materials and the geometric design is the foundation for the eco-luxury aesthetic often requested by our clients at Inspiral Architects.

At Inspiral we consider and focus on a few very essential elements during the design process that include; repetition, clarity, and simplicity of form. With these elements in mind we have successfully achieved a minimalistic result for our clients.

Open Space

Minimalism in architecture is directly engages with the space that it occupies. The modern clean detailing, light colored walls, uncluttered spaces and neutral color theme with no or a few color clashes/contrasts is what gives the place a much calmer and attractive appeal. Big room and spaces is the new modern! Flashing lights and uncluttered aesthetics are typically for many minimalist interiors. And finally, adorning the space with few accessories and decent furniture would be used for providing a more breathing space.


Several minimalist houses have a very exquisite and efficient plan layout layered with volume of spaces. Open floor plans, simple forms, modern storage spaces and minimal interior walls help the architectures in revealing the true essence this art. The daylights and bright lights are the key element to a standard minimalist architecture plan. Various Indonesian architects have embraced minimalism and multiple examples are seen particularly in more urban areas, unfortunately this often disregards sustainability at Inspiral we strive to incorporate both.

Cladding Wall Finishes

A continuous and simple exterior material helps in providing visual appearance. It is done so by inculcating the physical characteristics and textures of the material. In simpler words, less paint is more appealing and gives a masterpiece look, being unique in its own way.

Unification In Architecture

In order for architectures to provide mechanized support it is significant that they have a precise and detailed-to-depth characterization of how two or more architectural fragments could be combined together into one – giving a very appealing and acceptable effect! Nowadays several software designs are developed by elaborating and combining the existing fragments of architectural design. So basically the goal of unification in architecture is to be able to integrate technology along with architecture. This is done so that they work in perfect harmony and attract more people given the unique artistic style.

Call To Action

Our Award winning architects are considered to be one of the best in Indonesia. Experience and flair for a synergistic and sustainable aesthetic is what draws the client to their work. Needless to say their cohesive and multidisciplinary team of astounding architects, interior designers and engineers are experts in their field. Inspiral architects can guide through the design and construction process so that you can realize dreams and achieve functionality.