Keramas Village

  • Location: Keramas, Bali
  • Building: Resort
  • Site Area: 3048
  • Total Floor Area: 1044

The design philosophy guiding the master planning of Keramas Village is rooted in three core principles: holistic luxury living, maximized views, and community. Every aspect of the development, from the architectural design to the choice of materials and amenities, is thoughtfully considered to bring a sense of comfort and sophistication. The natural beauty of Keramas’ coastline is an asset through which design features celebrate this. Villas will be carefully positioned to offer strategic vistas of the ocean, providing residents with a connection to the beauty of their surroundings.

To foster a sense of community and belonging, communal services play a vital role. By providing shared amenities such as a pavilion with a children’s daycare, communal social area, pool, playground, gym, and yoga studio, the development offers a vibrant and inclusive environment. Through creating building forms guided by sustainable practices, a harmonious living environment results in a tranquil and sustainably conscious space where dwellers can connect with nature.

The Pavilion 

The pavilion at Keramas Village stands as an architectural landmark within the development, characterized by its organic curved roof that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape. This iconic structure serves as an open communal space, providing residents with a versatile environment for relaxation and socialization.
Inside, the pavilion features lounge areas, a pool table, and dining facilities, complete with a pantry for convenience. Male and female washrooms and showers are provided, ensuring comfort for all residents and guests. Additionally, a childcare center is available, catering to families with young children. Opening up to the pool area, the pavilion extends out, including deck chairs and hardscape elements, creating an inviting atmosphere for residents to enjoy leisurely days under the sun.


The Gym and Yoga Shala

The gym and yoga shala at Keramas Village is a single building that embodies natural architectural elements and modern design. The structure features an organic bamboo roof form, creating a striking architectural statement that complements the surrounding environment. On the ground floor, an enclosed gym, boasting a glass and timber frame facade seamlessly integrates with the architectural style of the development. Inside, state-of-the-art equipment and amenities cater to residents’ fitness needs, promoting health and wellness within the community.

On the first level, an open yoga platform provides residents with a serene space to practice yoga and meditation, surrounded by lush greenery and panoramic views of the landscape. This platform allows for a connection with nature, enhancing the overall yoga experience. Together, the gym and yoga shala serve as a
wellness hub, offering residents the opportunity to rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and spirits in a tranquil and inspiring environment.


The Villas

Each villa epitomizes modern luxury with its innovative design and seamless integration with the surrounding environment. The curved building forms, extending seamlessly from ground to roof, create a striking visual statement, while the organic exterior elements complemented by modern architectural features harmonize with the natural landscape. We strategically placed screens throughout the villa to offer controlled light and views, ensuring optimal comfort and privacy for residents. These screens effectively manage glare while providing glimpses of the lush, landscaped garden and pool area, enhancing the overall living experience.