Goa Beach Club and Resort

  • Location: Morjim, india
  • Building: Resort and Restaurant
  • Site Area: 10974 sqm
  • Total Floor Area: 6878 sqm

The design philosophy for this riverside resort in Morjim is to bridge nature and architecture. It is an homage to the surroundings, where key elements include building positions that maximize views, subtle curves within the framework, and a celebration of the site’s intrinsic beauty. The building forms shall take on a perpendicular
orientation, strategically positioned to maximize river views, curves reflecting the landscape with a commitment to sustainability and local culture. The architectural framework of each building mimics the landscape of the nearby riverbanks. These forms blend seamlessly with the environment, enhancing the tranquility of the site. The structures are oriented eastward to ensure every guest can enjoy the mesmerizing sunrise over the water. Through strategic building placement and connecting pathways, the resort offers guests a tranquil and immersive experience that honors the quiet splendor of this riverside location. With graceful, curved roof structures guided by sustainable principles, the retreat aims to celebrate the natural beauty of its east-facing waterfront location resulting in a tranquil and ecoconscious haven where guests can reconnect with nature while enjoying luxury and comfort.

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