Drop Pod

  • Location: Anywhere
  • Building: Prefabrication House

Drop Pod is a home that can be placed on a variety of topography and scenes. Whether it’s an urban area in a wealthy country or a developing country battling climate change, the drop pod provides the solution. Nowadays, we see ourselves more and more confronted with issues of constant growth of population and major changes in our climate. Due to climate changes, for example, the sea water levels are constantly rising causing major floodings that already took away many people’s homes. Also, the issue of city and sub-city growth keeps increasing over the years, resulting in housing shortage. Therefore the need for a house that is quick to distribute and easy to install, while also able to face today’s challenges in a multifunctional way is more important than ever. The goal is to provide a house that gives not only the comfort of privacy within limited space but is also user and environmentally friendly.

The design provides a quality space that can be built in one week. The shell of the structure is adaptable and can be modified to the user’s liking. The drop pod stands on a footing of 1.2 meters high, making it floodproof. The drop pod can also be used as an additional extension for an existing house or as social housing. The easy-to-adapt design provides a solution for problems caused by today’s urbanization and environmental problems.