Buon Vento Resort

  • Location: Bali, Indonesia
  • Building: Resort and Residences
  • Site Area: 1.8 Ha
  • Total Floor Area: 19000

This strategic site has presented an opportunity for a unique and area defining hotel and residence. Situated in a discrete but key location in Southern Bali, it capitalises on creating a new brand with the building becoming a reknown icon. This may lead the hotel and its facilities to be a destination in its own right as an attraction to both guests and visitors from outside. From a dynamic and welcoming lobby area to feature restaurants as well as a top floor sky bar, this complex has been designed with a range of five star facilities in mind. The  primary focal point of the resort is the large lagoon pool as it centralises views from all areas. Entwined in its make up are waterfalls and vegetation which extends to the overall form of the building and the facade. With a natural flow and movement throughout a sense of exploration is created where interlinked buildings each have their own extended character, creating varying locations of interest that can be discovered.

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