• Location: Canggu, Bali
  • Building: Facial Studio
  • Site Area: 100
  • Total Floor Area: 80

Taking on the shell of a typical shop unit, this conceptual design managed to create a highly noticeable destination. This new kind of facial service came with an underlaying brand which is vibrant, unisex and hi tech. From here, this was firstly expressed through the smooth, undulating three dimensional façade. Prefabricated and made of a translucent polymer ribbon, these were hand crafted by weaving them into lightweight frames, which then fitted together to create this unique effect. Behind this, a series of LED lights created the tone and depth experience at night. Inside, the space uses strong accents of the brands colour pallete through colour changing lighting combined with splashes of mural based wall colour.  As a main arrival a distinctive bar awaits that uses recycled glass bonded together creating a depth of translucency. On its front, bespoke 3d tiles continue the interior theme. Set beyond mirrors with curvaceous forms, highlighted with illuminated edges float in the central treatment area. Complimenting this are custom designed chairs that adjust to the treatments available. Around the space are built in units, which highlight the array of products for sale. As an alternative experience, the washrooms are fun space with floor to ceiling mirrors and neon writing. An intense blue wall lighting display exemplifies the atmosphere which encourages selfies hence promoting the brand.

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