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Down to Earth

Location :

Bali, Indonesia

Building :

Community hub, restaurant, retail.

Site Area :

1500 sqm

Total floor area :

500 sqm

Down to earth extends over a beautiful 1500m2 site which presents an incredible opportunity for a majestic epicenter of holistic well-being which sits on gently sloping land with inspiring views to the rice fields.

Down to earth will be the new Earth café in Bali, bringing organic lifestyles with dining, play space, health shop and events space. Set in picturesque surroundings, appreciation of the nature is maximized, where the customer can be transported to a space of tranquility and peace. Create an inspiring experience for a seeker of holism and self-improvement, heighten the atmosphere of tranquility and harmony, provide freedom, comfort and usability within a unique setting and contain elements and materials which reflect the down to earth brand. In this eco-friendly project, sustainable features are integrated into the design, indeed it’s made with strand woven bamboo, recycled timber, glass and plenty of greenery! Its unique flying shape blends into the beauty of nature which surrounds it.

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