Project Are

  • Location: Canggu, Bali
  • Building: Studio

The design for these apartments will take lifestyle elements of environmental sustainability, and stylish creative living and turn these into iconic, unique spaces that create a strong sense of brand and recognition. The building will be pragmatically designed to ensure efficiency and practicality while simultaneously being welcoming, showcasing a range of materials that work together and contain inspiring design features that will maximize interest and comfort. Time spent here will offer relaxed stimulation in a tranquil environment. Enjoyment is enhanced by direct contact with materials, as texture, art, color, and light enter spaces that cater to both gatherings and intimate interaction.

The facade is essentially the initial key to bringing awareness of the building and quality. Here, we have a range of methods that capture the eye, to instantly create recognition. These include:
• Geometry
• Rhthym
• Organic lines
• Colour
• Lighting
• Screening
• 3 dimensional form
• Modernised local accents

The rooftop area can be a very attractive space to relax and enjoy views. Here we can use a combination of interesting structures, vegetation, and color. The main focal point is the pool area. With unique forms and lighting, against the backdrop of Bali, this space will be a highlight of the building. The vegetation may soften the space while also shielding views that may not be so attractive. Levels can also be played with so that there are ranging of areas of interest.