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Umalas Residential Complex

Location :

Umalas, Bali

Building :

Residential complex

Site Area :

2,030 sqm

Total floor area :

1,588 sqm

Located in the middle of a quiet suburban area of Umalas, Bali, with views to paddy fields, this residential complex provides a distinctive modern lifestyle experience for a range of mind to high end tenants. By extracting the elements of a tropical modern way of life to the essential, serene atmosphere, that inspiring contemporary architecture can provide, an atmosphere of tranquility and luxury is created.

The aim of this project is to maximize the site efficiency while providing privacy, comfort and exclusivity within a mixed rural urban setting. Integrating natural features and ornate landscaping into the site are important aspects to achieve the desired atmosphere .

The building uses insulated composite panels which massively reduces heat coming into to the buildings, while their lightweight quality minimizes the amount of structure needed in the overall building. Smart systems as well as low energy applications reduces the carbon footprint during their operation.

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