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Torok Hills Resort

Location :

Lombok, Indonesia

Building :

Villa Resort and clubhouse

Site Area :

12 000 sqm

Total floor area :

53, 784 sqm

This area defining, award winning development (Property Guru Best Resort – Asia 2020) is set on a dramatic hillside with panoramic views to the sea. Designed as a low density, naturally integrated set of high end buildings with a range of sustainable architectural types, this project overall looks to provide an extraordinary holistic experience. The central focus of the site is a dramatic oceanclub which contains a destination restaurant, spa, events pavillion and VIP suite rooms, all within a distinctive form which echos the surrounding landscape. Along with this, the introduction of tree canopies and greenscapes counter balances nature with the built environment. The overall development can be differentiated into several characteristic areas with contemporary green roof villas, low impact glamping units, and biophillic eco villas. These variety of zones, that provide different types of living for diversified needs of inhabitants and visitors creates destinations within the destination, making use of well planned access and sustainable water saving and low energy usage           infrastructure.

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