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The Dragon

Location :

Bali, Indonesia

Building :

Family villa

Site Area :

1,139 sqm

Total floor area :

570 sqm

This project was taken on after the client wished to radically change the design of the home as it was emerging during construction.

As some of the building had already been constructed on ground level, the main design implementation can be seen on the upper level.  This uses a dramatic double curvature timber structure that seeks to elegantly glide across the top of the building.  The base can be seen as a supporting plinth supporting the light organic floating form. Its façade has a playful effect with its shading members, adjusting in density in a way which reflects the form of the roof. It also serves to screen solar gains into the building, thus helping to keep it cool.

The designs of the interiors were also taken on, providing full design and specification for fixtures, furniture and fittings. Many units are bespoke and designed in house. With the curving roof and playful twisting geometry of the structure, many parts of the interior contain unique and inspiring spaces.

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