z Projects - Inspiral Architects

Siyut Resort

Location :

Gianyar, Bali

Building :


Site Area :

38,486 sqm

Total floor area :

27,214 sqm

Strategically located on the east side of Bali, this stunning resort with its black sanded beach offers a peaceful luxury ocean lifestyle experience while being near to the touristic delights found along the coastline. By creating interesting contemporary building forms enriched with natural materials and Balinese culture, a seamless union can be made between holistic built spaces and an iconic space which defines a sense of locality.

Although a lot of units have been efficiently provided, open spaces and greenery have been maximized to enhance the sense of luxury and views towards the sea. By adding other facilities within these areas such as gardens, a library and a cafe, greater internal interest within the site is created.

The Beach Club will be one of the main highlights of the resort, being a major architectural focal point with its 180 degree view towards the ocean. The building creates interest in its layout by locating its activities in various positions and playing with levels creating unexpected tiered view points and arrangements.

A major feature of the resort is the spa & gym area which will be entered by a long atmospheric stair going down under the ground. A unique gym experience will bring the ocean view on direct eye level.

Other Works