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Selong Belanak

Location :

Lombok, Indonesia

Building :

Beach club, spa, bedroom villas

Site Area :

60,000 sqm

Total floor area :

12,000 sqm

This beautiful 5.7 hectare site presents an incredible opportunity for a stunning villa development with beach club, spa, leisure and retail amenities. The purpose is to create exemplary facilities set within high quality, holistic architecture, which is complimented by excellent functioning infrastructure. At the same time an original design provides identity and desirability.

As the development will be the first of its kind in the area, the desire was to create a benchmark from which all future developments in the area would need to aspire to. This would not only be the case in terms of architectural quality, but also with its environmental impact. In such a serene landscape a major concern was how to implement a large amount of built structures that would not conflict with the landscape. The strategy was to add the existing ecology. Firstly there are very few walls within the site. Divisions between plots are segregated by dense, carefully selected, vegetation. The roof of each villa would also have a richly landscaped  deck. This tranquil space would provide a profound view to the sea from every unit on the flat site. Buildings are natural with an interesting combination of recycled woods and reconstituted limestone.

The building environments themselves are very flowing, calm spaces that highlight the human need for an enhanced sense of contact with the elements.

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