z Projects - Inspiral Architects

Pererenan Surf Camp

Location :

Bali, Indonesia

Building :

Surf camp

Site Area :

208,590 sqm

Total floor area :

561 sqm

Pererenan Surf Camp is grounded in our core principle to increase awareness of ecologically mindful architecture. The building has modern, view capturing layouts which combine both indoor and outdoor living. Utilizing the wealth of natural materials like bamboo and recycled timber, we have created a place which overflows with inspired charm. Indonesian textures and bespoke craftsmanship create richly distinct surroundings that capture a unique sense of place. Clean light colours and warm tones compliment the design.

Pererenan Surf Camp becomes a hybrid of four buildings: Two guesthouses, a restaurant area and a pool and yoga area. The ground floor of the guesthouses offers a shady space to gather, discuss and share surfing experiences. The upstairs floors consists of interesting accommodation units.  They are naturally cooled by a roof pond which is part of a roof terrace with unique villa style units on the top floor.  Reflecting the non-conformity of the ocean, their roofs cover the detached apartments in undulating forms.

An organic shaped pool area is gently supported by a spacious shady yoga place which appears with a floating lightness on columns. A restaurant / bar area cements the resorts identity on the main street, drawing in visitors and becomes a focal point for the area. Bamboo here, is pushed to its structural and aesthetic potential with layered volumes aiding natural cooling and fabric sails in between to maintain shade.


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