Pererenan Family Residence

Location :

Bali, Indonesia

Building :

4 bedrooms villa

Site Area :

500 sqm

Total floor area :

350 sqm

Located in the middle of the charming area of Pererenan, Bali, it resides close enough to the attractions of Pererenan Beach and Echo Beach.

The Residence creates a modern holistic experience that nurtures long term family lifestyles. The building provides privacy, comfort and exclusivity within a village setting with its aim is to heighten the atmosphere of tranquility and harmony to the elements.

Views towards the sea exist on higher levels with the land itself on a hill with a difference of 3 meters. Essential to this development, is to create a simple yet cleverly planned out home that employ distinctive features that reflect the owners aspirations. These features include the play of levels and movement, eye-catching geometries like nature inspired fibonacci patterns, and accentuated materials that are rich in texture. By doing this, an aura of enrichment is created and a setting that nurtures a unique and grounded lifestyle. The floating forms and open design add to this, while low energy applications, sustainable materials and longevity are implemented to match the owners values.

Other Works

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