z Projects - Inspiral Architects

Nuanu Bali

Location :

Nyanyi, Bali, Indonesia

Building :

Event Space / Community Hub

Site Area :

19 000 sqm

Total floor area :

7500 sqm

This masterplan features a series of cutting edge natural buildings residing on a dramatic coastline that will be an exciting draw to a new 40 ha eco community development. This area will be a hub of activity with events, performance, cuisine, play and relaxation.  As required throughout the whole project, the layouts have been conceived according Fibonacci sequences that create a connection of flow and movement throughout the property.

Set as a focal point, the main structure is the vortex pavilion which is composed of spiralling structural arches that direct to three different zones; the elevated forest platforms, entrance and tower. The vortex is covered with layers of woven shades to keep the interior comfortably bright during the daytime and illuminated at night. Evoking a feminine personality that balances the very masculine presence of the tower, it takes on a dynamic presence that is flexible in its usage as a place to dine, hold workshops and entertain. Passive cooling is accentuated here by its ‘honeycomb’ roof which draws air in and expels it above. 

Connected to this is a lagoon style pool which faces the sea. The lagoon pool flows to a secondary underground ‘cave pool’ via a 9m river slide.  Here a more serene and holistic space is provided with an opening that faces the wide open sea.  

Another playful element are a series of elevated platforms that are intertwined with a  forest space. Made predominantly of recycled timbers, bamboo and vines, these elements form a  series of nets, tunnels and climbing routes for spaces that seems to grow from the vegetation. Here groups and educative functions can be held in enclosures that nurture and incubate. 

The ‘temple’ in the far corner of the site, is a esoteric place with the purpose to engage ceremonial events such as meditation, weddings, yoga and collective sharing . Made using prefabricated lightweight and highly insulative sandwich panels, this distinctive building is designed with lines and geometry gravitating towards the centre, filtering light through a single horizontal outlet at the top and down into the interior space. The vertical curvaceous linear structure looks to engross consciousness and connection with the building itself emitting a sense of oneness and union. 

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