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Moxy (Marriott) Hotel

Location :


Building :

Millennial Hotel with 100 keys, restaurant, evening venue, sky bar, gym, pool

Site Area :

935 sqm

Total floor area :

2805 sqm

This project, set within the heart of the city, offers a place which gravitates towards creating
experiences that are rich in vibrancy and attitude. Lifestyle elements of the youthful inter-connected
global community, environmental sustainability, stylish creative living are turned into unique
spaces that create a strong sense of brand and recognition. The building itself is being designed to
pragmatically ensure efficiency and practicality while at the same time be welcoming, showcasing
a range of materials which work together and contain inspiring design features which will maximise
interest and comfort. Texture, art, colour and light will enter spaces that caters to both large gatherings
and intimate interaction. With its aim to becoming an icon, this may lead the hotel and its facilities to be
a destination in its own right as an attraction to both guests and visitors from outside.
Its construction looks to become one of the first high rise buildings in Nepal, using structurally
integrated panels which are light and highly efficient to assemble. This reduces the embodied energy
in its construction, while massively reducings costs as well as ensuring a much higher stability for
earthquakes compared to typical construction methods.

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