z Modern Resort Architect Bali |Mandira Resort

Mandira Resort

Location :

Flores, Indonesia

Building :

5* resort

Site Area :

30,000 sqm

Total floor area :

5500 sqm

Situated on a remote and visually spectacular tropical island, this resort will provide super high end exclusivity . Using contemporary building forms with locally inspired motifs and textures, these naturally enhanced buildings look to complement its ecologically sensitive and beautful surroundings. The resort provides a range of high quality features such as two restaurants, professional divecentre along with interesting aspects such as mini jetties, personal boats or gondalas, and stilted water structures.

The proposal looks to create a series of villages throughout the site. Theses have been carefully zoned as buildable land area is sparse and beaches are sporadically located. The resort will also be phased into two stages, and planned as such to function and not effect the running of the resort during this process.

A series of journeys through each zone creates feelings of exploration leading to a point of discovery. This is important as guests will fully reside here and will need further stimulation. Variation in the architecture and types of accommodation will add to this effect. Most of the buildings are set on water, however there are some options for land units which proive a different

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