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Kedungu Beach club

Location :

kedungu, Bali

Building :

Beach club

Site Area :

1700 sqm

Total floor area :

900 sqm

This strategic 900 sqm site presents an incredible opportunity for an unique and area defining beach club. This sits on gently sloping land with inspiring views to the sea and access to an attractively rugged beach. Using forms which take flight from the terrain, the building provides an attractive environment to dine, play, and relax. With raised personalized pod seating, unique lounge pool, water gardens and a mix of lawn, bar and function areas the venue becomes a mix of interesting and distinctive zones. A range of levels benefits views and creates stimulation as one moves through each space. The main dining area is covered with direct visual connection to the outdoors. With almost panoramic surroundings, appreciation of nature and the sea is maximized, where the occupant can experience high vibe beach life, an exclusive setting and enduring comfort.

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