z Projects - Inspiral Architects

Gili Meno Beach Resort

Location :

Lombok, Indonesia

Building :

Resort, spa, restaurant, lobby, library, jetty

Site Area :

30,000 sqm

Total floor area :

7,500 sqm

This design and masterplan came from the desire to create an exciting new experience for a 5* resort. With eye catching buildings and careful planning, it looks to heighten the atmosphere of tranquility and luxury and provide privacy, comfort and exclusivity within a unique setting. Using locally sourced materials with low carbon footprints, each building is positioned on stilts above the delicate mangroves, or through well landscaped vegetation.

As resorts have the potential to consume vast amounts of energy, it has been designed to address environmental conservation and energy efficiency issues. This is especially important in this location where electricity and fresh water is not easily available. Therefore, designed to be as self-sufficient as possible in terms of use of natural resources, the scheme incorporates passive cooling alongside a host of strategies including rainwater collection and grey water recycling, solar applications, photovoltaics and low consumption mechanics. There are also artificial ponds and lakes which act as large water reserves which also add to the existing lakeside ambience to the rear of the site.

The buildings take on modern forms, combined in unique ways. The rooms within are arranged for generous bedroom/ living and open bathroom, while the open spaces beneath the building which face the gardens are allocated as living, dining and in some units, a plunge pool with solar pump.

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