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Clubhouse Residences Makassar

Location :

Makassar, Indonesia

Building :

Townhouse residential complex

Site Area :

11,000 sqm

Total floor area :

9450 sqm

This residential complex with its 27 units, clubhouse and public area is situated is an exclusive development that offers high end townhouse residences that provide a new experience for this type of modern living.

The key to this development is to create simple, yet cleverly planned units which employ distinctive features that give an edge over typical residential complexes. This includes the play of strong evolving lines, eye-catching geometries and accented materials which are rich in texture. By bringing light into unexpected spaces a high value aura is created that highlights the quality of the development.


The vibrant shape of the facade appears to connect the units visually, thus, it is giving a sense of continuity from one house to another. The roofs gardens are designed to achieve a certain privacy while maintaining the flow of the exterior design.

The interior is dominated with organic shaped furniture which picks up the lines of the exterior design. To create an organic and natural ambiance the interior is made of wood, stone and natural fabrics like Sisal and Makassar Ikat which reflects the local culture

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