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Bandung Public Park

Location :


Building :

Treetop walkway, aviary, auditorium, gathering spaces

Site Area :

15,000 sqm

Total floor area :

6,400 sqm

This competition scheme for the public space surrounding Institute Technology Bandung (ITB) creates a series of landmark structures to enhance access to and appreciation of Bandung’s historical, regional and ecological importance. Inspired by the surrounding mountainous landscape, the scheme consists of a dramatic tree top walkway that emerges from a bird aviary, overlooking tropical forest areas, through to an auditorium and key gathering spaces.

Core visitor facilities are housed at ground level, while staircases lead up to spectacular viewing platforms around the site focusing on important urban and natural sites. The spaces between on ground level are occupied by routes through gardens and educational stands to complement the joy of nature and its preservation especially within an urban context. Designed to achieve a carbon zero status, the scheme incorporates a range of strategies to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

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