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Azymuth Villa

Location :

Balangan, Bali

Building :


Site Area :

973 sqm

Total floor area :

833 sqm

This high-end residence with its cutting edge design is situated within a unique setting in Balangan, Bali. Due to the spacious design and its huge, nearly seamless glass elements facing the pool and garden area, the residents can enjoy panoramic views to the sea.

The building is orientated so that privacy is maintained and bedrooms are protected from the full glare of the sun. On the north side, which faces the surrounding villa, plants and geometric, wooden structures are used to enhance the buildings wooden elements while providing extra privacy.

Central focal point of the outdoor area is the main pool with its integrated jacuzzi. A waterfall, which connects the two of them, makes the pool area feel more natural. The Gym, located on the south side of the garden area, provides a tranquil place for a workout with a beautiful garden view.

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