Winchester Walk

  • Location: London
  • Building: Office, residential, retail and restaurant
  • Site Area: 995
  • Total Floor Area: 995

This competition winning proposal was designed to integrate a series of dynamic sustainable features while providing an exciting and positive contribution to the area. Situated in a significant central city location, the building offered mixed used facilities comprising of prime office space, high quality residential proper- ties and market based eateries.

Using a pioneering servicing strategy, the facade employed a green wall / vertical garden system which was integrated into the buildings cooling system. This significantly reduced the us- age for mechanical cooling due to the efficient cooling methods that occurs naturally with plants. In addition, the green waste produced from the facade along with organic waste dispensed by the surrounding markets and restaurants could be served into an anaerobic digester located within the building. As well as producing rich fertilizers it would produce bio-gas which could be employed with the running of the building.

The buildings unique form was dictated by the desire to integrate its mass into the surrounding building lines and streets cape while providing efficient floorspace within. Due to the sites close proximity to surrounding buildings, the crystaline shaped facade was carefully angled to allow light to penetrate the building from above and from the sides.