The Mansion Sayan

  • Location: Indonesia
  • Building: Mansion

Conceptually, the shape of the lobby and restaurant The Mansion Sayan is inspired from the Garuda Kencana as the vehicle of Lord Vishnu who in Balinese Hindu communities worshiped as a God in charge of maintaining and protecting the creation Lord. Building forms designed as Garuda who is developing its wings showed not only the beauty, but also the greatness, the valor and sacredness. This shape also symbolizes the high spirituality as one aspect of the life of a very high esteem by the people of Bali.

The Mansion material is dominated by bamboo as the application of the concept of unity with nature. Bamboo is also chosen because of its superiority as a sustainable material and has a cycle of rapid growth so its use doesn’t damage nature. The concept of nature unity is also selected as a form of respect for Ubud’s area in Bali that still maintains its sustainability. With this concept, the Mansion is expected to always be in harmony with its surrounding environment.

On the Mansion’s roof, there are also geometric patterns which are intertwined between each other. This is in accordance with the lesson that everything in this world is interlinked, be in the form of a human being and the universe, religion and culture, as well as the environment and buildings.

The Mansion also has a geometric pattern of meaning that everything must be mutually supporting one another and each has a role to its surroundings. Although each line on the pattern has a different orientation and direction, but from their difference it’s creating a beautiful harmony.

It is also in accordance with the lesson of Tri Hita Karana as a form of preserving the rich cultural diversity. The environment also creates the harmony between man and God, human beings with nature and the human environment with their neighbour.