Samara Villa

  • Location: Lombok
  • Building: Villa

This design has a defining form created by a series of modules located on key levels throughout the site. This allows the building to spread over the land and break up its overall mass. Using the hexagonal aspect, openings become panoramic while creating a playful and attractive element. Using conventional structure, the surfaces are clad using a combination of timber, local stone, and renders all of which create texture and context. Orientation through the building is interesting with a series of levels and walkways which offer intriguing perspectives to different areas. The main area is an open plan space with a large height that frames the view beyond.

By shifting the levels to follow the contours, a defining feature is created in the facade. This also creates a central feature internally from the entrance area creating views and high spaces all the way to the lower level. The arrangement here is simple with back-of-house areas completely separated from the main house, and
bedrooms on one level, while entertainment and activity on the lower level. Roofs are green, while facades are a mixture of glass and stone. All views face the same direction Natural lagoon pool with infinity edge out towards the sea.