Rajah Residence

  • Location: Pecatu, Bali
  • Building: 8 bedrooms, main lounge, media room, sky lounge, gym, guest house, meeting room, library, office, reception
  • Site Area: 2153
  • Total Floor Area: 2000

Located on the upper hills of the Pecatu Estate, this example of high end luxury living adds value to this residential area. Serving both the owners and visitors, this building has modern layouts which combine both indoor and outdoor living. As much as this influences its make up, the form seem to float out towards the distant sea view. Utilizing rich local materials such as recycled teak and limestone combined with greenery on the roof, the space overflows with inspired charm. Natural qualities are expressed while the comfort of modern holistic living in a tropical environment is maximized. The building works with the site so that natural cooling and protection from the elements are logically integrated into its make up. As the building sits on a mild slope, there are a series of levels to benefit views and create interest as one moves through each space. Some areas open up in scale, while others are more intimate. The main areas look to add extra dimensions in height, integrating mezzanines and balconies both internally and externally. With large overhangs, spaces can be used in most environmental conditions, while remaining open.

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