Karimun Jawa Ocean Club and Resort

  • Location: Java
  • Building: Ocean club and Resort
  • Site Area: 40 000
  • Total Floor Area: 3700

This resort and ocean club, set on a luscious hillside, on the main island within the Karimun Jawa archipelago, looks to provide an iconic destination for relaxation, cuisine and reveling in a beautifully picturesque location. The ocean club is designed as a light weight organic structure, which effortlessly grows from the ground, providing cover, water catchment and serenity. Using gluelam timber members and tensile fabric as its main component, it is located where views to the ocean and the panorama of islands beyond are at its best. On rows below, are a series of accommodation units, that will be prefabricated on the main land using boat building techniques. Using a combination of fibre glass and composite panels, the units can be rapidly installed on site with minimal effort and impact onto the land. Each row has a view beyond and will be powered by photovoltaics on their rooftops.

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