Bogor Project

  • Location: Bogor, Indonesia
  • Building: Restaurant
  • Site Area: 12,036 sqm
  • Total Floor Area: 3998 sqm


Nestled amidst the picturesque Puncak Bogor area, we combine innovative design with ecological
architecture to create an immersive dining experience. This restaurant seamlessly blends with the
surrounding natural environment, embodying a harmonious fusion of sustainable practices and diverse
spatial encounters. Beyond just a place to dine, it is a destination where guests can reconnect
with nature, savor delectable cuisine, and embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a dramatic landscaped ramp leading to a dynamic and inviting lobby. This arrival point has a dramatic Seaview which is encompassed by the highly iconic architecture that sets forth the mood. This serves as both a reception and waiting area, complete with a vision of a bar and lounge for relaxation, photo opportunities, and high tea. The lobby exudes an atmosphere of relaxation and sophistication, featuring plush organic seating arrangements and natural materials such as bamboo. The rustic elegance blends harmoniously with the surrounding ecological theme.

The main building is strategically placed at the heart of the site, providing a welcoming space for guests. It serves as a relieving area after a long walk between the saungs. The design concept focuses on striking yet seamless architecture that creates a focal point throughout the layout. The open spaces within the main building are designed to accommodate the tropical weather needs, while the unique tiered dining areas which offer different perspectives of space on every level was meant to be a solution to the extreme contour. The space above the main building is dedicated to a convention hall that can host multiple events simultaneously. Carefully planned circulation paths ensure a separate flow for the restaurant and other areas, minimizing interference.