Berawa Villas

  • Location: Bali, Indonesia
  • Building: Residential villa
  • Site Area: 2,800
  • Total Floor Area: 2,400

These villas have been designed for high end client with playfulness in their design. Its striking feature the rooftop / sun shield which emerges from the top floor where it spreads over the jacuzzi and sky lounge down to the garden. It provides privacy to the open spaces on all floors as well as allowing the sunlight to shine through its semi-transparent fabric material.

On the ground floor, the bar, dining area, kitchen and living area are merged into one large open space which operates like a continuous outdoor area with the swimming pool being integrated through the position of the overhead shade. With its roundish shape the swimming pool appears to evolve into a pond which gradually combines to the outdoor space.

A spiral staircase leads from the second floor balcony to the roof garden on the top floor. From the jacuzzi and the sky lounge one can enjoy a beautiful view to the surrounding area and beach in the distance.