8 at Trinity

  • Location: Australia
  • Building: Feature restaurant and event space
  • Site Area: 1950sqm sqm
  • Total Floor Area: 990sqm sqm

Set on the new marina at Lake Macquarie, this restaurant becomes the initial showpiece building for the overall residential and hotel masterplan in this five-star development. The building has a defining structure, providing panoramic views across the lakeside, holding both indoor and covered alfresco outdoor dining spaces. The main part of the building uses translucent tensile fabric, which illuminates from within creating an atmospheric ambiance and unique presence. The space is flexible in usage to cater to large functions and special events, for any time of the year due to in-built clear blind sand heaters to manage various weather conditions. Movement throughout the space looks to create a succession of emotions, from a dignified entrance to intimate bar areas to the openness and excitement of the high roofed, geometrically playful exterior.

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