Working at INSPIRAL

This week, our members give you an insight into their work at INSPIRAL. Read now part one of Meghanas and Robins experiences as architecture interns in our office. The interview is taken by Anna.

First of all: You are hundrets of kilometers away from your home countrys India and the Netherlands: What was your motivation to aplly at Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios?

Meghana: I wanted to learn more about bamboo structures. It’s a durable but sustainable and eco-friendly construction material. So, I came here to learn how to use bamboo in a professional way. And INSPIRAL does not stick to a design; it always experiments with new designs. This is why i chose to come here.

Anna: Find examples of our bamboo projects on Pinterest.

Robin: I came here to get new experiences in architecture and of course I wanted to experiece a different culture. You can have a look at my Instagram profile; there you can find my impressions of Indonesia!

Have your fellow students also traveled abroad to do their internships or are you more or less an exception?

Meghana: Most of my friends are interning back in India. But I think you cannot say it’s an exception. There are so many students going abroad to get working experiences all over the world.

Robin: A few went abroad during their first internship. I think I’m the only one doing his second internship abroad. But for me it’s a great experience. If there is the opportunity to work in Indonesia and learn more about how to create sustainable architecture, then why shouldn’t I take this chance?

Back to you: What are you working on at the moment (if you’re allowed to tell us, I heart that INSPIRAL also works on a top-secret project…)?

Meghana: I’m working on a huge villa project for a family here on Bali.
Robin: Well…:
To close part one of our interview with a typical question: What have you learnt during your internship until today?

Meghana: I have learnt that details matter; let it be it a big or a smaller part of the building you have to work on .I have also learnt a lot about bamboo structures and alternative materials.

Robin: I have never worked with such cool organic shapes and tropical materials like strand woven bamboo or reclaimed teak wood before. I think I will be proud to be able to add that in my CV when I come home.

Anna: Thank you, Meghana and Robin!

Read Part II of our interview tomorrow!