Read two part one of Meghanas and Robins experiences as architecture interns in our office. The interview is taken by Anna.

Could you describe the design culture of INSPIRAL and how it differs from other architects?

Meghana: Inspiral is quiet experimental with the form of the buildings ,the Inspiral team is always trying something new and the forms are a lot more organic and sustainable as compared to back home.

Robin: INSPIRAL uses sustainable materials and design solutions and cares about our planet. The slogan: “To improve our well being we need to be inspired by the spaces we live in, the built environment, the natural, and their harmonious existence” differs INSPIRAL from other architects – it is part of every single INSPIRAL project!
To compare Indonesia and the Netherlands: I think there are more possibilities for designs in Indonesia then in the Netherlands. There is more freedom to create something new and innovative; just think about the different climate zones….

Imagine: You are the first person in the office because you are so motivated to continue your task; although there’s no deadline, you even miss lunch because you cannot stop this great project. What kind of task would that be?

Meghana: I think anything with designing always keeps me motivated.

Robin: I never skip lunch… I love food… But like Meghana said, it could be any drawing task which goes smoothly. Sometimes there are some own mistakes that force you to take a little break, get some fresh air and then continue with new power.

What kind of struggles do you experience during your daily routines at INSPIRAL?

Meghana: I think there aren’t really any significant issues.

Robin: None really. I agree.

Beach-Villa, Cottage or Skyscraper: How will your own house look like?

Meghana: I would probably like to have a beach villa.

Robin: Cliff villa in the mountains, definitely!

Thank you Robin and Meghana!


About Meghana:

“I started my internship on the 5th of June 2017 and I will probably continue until the end of April 2018. Back home in India I study Architecture at the Manipal University. I really enjoy the working atmosphere at INSPIRAL. The office building itself is made out of bamboo and the rooms are full of sunlight during the daytime. My colleges are all very helpful and sometimes we also meet at the weekend. If you have a problem with your project you will always find someone to ask.“




About Robin:

“I came here in September and I will stay until March 2018. I study Architectural engeneering at Hanzehogeschool Groningen in the Netherlands. Here on Bali you have totally different daily routines. My working day for example starts with a scooter drive from Canggu to Kerobokan – at home I’d just go by public transport services. But I really enjoy going by scooter! My tasks at INSPIRAL substantiate my theoretical knowledge from university quite well; sometime you are also faced with some challenges, but your colleagues will help you to solve the problem. “