Using bamboo in a unique way. How to turn grass into a wood

We get our ecologically-friendly-bamboo from indobamboo.com which is the first company in Indonesia that manufactures the highly durable strand woven bamboo. But what is so special about it? Strand woven bamboo is basically a hardwood out of bamboo. During a unique manufacturing process strands of mature bamboo mixed with environmentally friendly polymers are subjected to extreme pressure and heat to create an extremely hard and dense substance. Compared to ordinary manufacturing methods the strand method weaves the bamboo fibers instead of lying the fibers on top of each other in the same direction. The interwoven strands hold the material together.

Some facts about bamboo:

Bamboo is the fastest growing canopy for the re-greening of degraded lands, and its stands release 35% more oxygen than equivalent quantity of trees. Some bamboo can even sequester up to twelve tons of carbon dioxide from the air per hectare. Certain bamboo species can grow approximately 90 centimeters in one day. Furthermore bamboo has a higher specific compressive strength than other known materials like wood or brick.

By forcing the growth of the bamboo it is possible to create any desired form for building constructions. Square bamboo pieces are for example created by compressing the growing plant within a square form.