Uncovering Interior Designing Myths

PUBLISHED Feb. 19, 2021

People have different myths regarding almost every profession so as interior designing. They have various perceptions about the industry and mechanism, but unfortunately, many don’t know how it works and what it takes to create a beautiful design. The best architecture home consultancy in Indonesia, the Inspiral Architects offer reliable interior design experts, who are debunking some myths that make entirely no sense.

1. Affordability

Most people worldwide have false thinking that interior designers are so expensive to hire for work. While they take help in every matter of life from the professionals and experts, interior designing they think twice. You must understand the designers work under your budget and handle the most significant project or even a small one with the same dedication. When you have experience working with them, you will get the reality yourself.

2. I Am Good Enough

Some people think they are more efficient than designers and don’t need an interior designer or waste money. It would be best not to forget that valuable design ideas come from a professional mind you could miss. Such as color themes, design, texture, and reachable access to specific corners is a professional’s job. Alongside the other benefits like when purchasing a property or access to showrooms can be possible with designer help.

3. Designers Have A Perfect Home

You should keep in mind that just because of holding a designing degree, a professional designer home doesn’t look like how you think it would be. Because they are busy making your homes beautiful and awesome so don’t have time to decorate or design their own. However, a designer home must be designed by someone else or would be waiting to design it.

4. It’s A Profession Of Female

It’s a baseless myth that it’s a female profession only because it’s funny and doesn’t make sense that men cannot be designers. However, women have a significant percentage of being interior designers, but men are equally dedicating to this profession.

5. Omniscient 

Here is a myth that interior designers can decide everything more than colors and designs that’s not true. A professional designer will work according to your desire, so you must have to explain what you need, your budget, and how you want it to look. If you cannot provide sufficient information from both sides, it will make wrong decisions. On the other hand, if you’re going to put it all on the designer, then he would create his art though the information is still essential.


Whenever you buy a new home and want to design it, must consult apartment architecture designer in Indonesia at the Inspiral Architects for designing. Because hiring a professional would be a great option than to mess everything around on your own and people feel awkward visiting it. So forget all the myths and hire a professional; they are there for the right job to design your home professionally. For more information and details, contact Inspiral architect at info@inspiralarchitect.com or call at the company at +62 (0) 361 300 3480.

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