Why Boats Attract the Architects?

Boats can be considered as a part of modern architectural design or a case can be made for it perhaps. Perhaps naval design is considered to be a symbolized perception of buildings nowadays. There’s no doubt that modern architects have found inspiration from the early 20th century liners. As architectural systems become more complex, and construction techniques more advanced, the technical conditions separating these types have become less stringent. Ships are built on the scale of buildings, with modern cruise liners functioning as mobile hotels, with all the amenities, and sometimes more, than their landlocked counterparts. With every advancement in technology, certain boats — especially luxury yachts and ships for recreational use — seem to be striving to become more like buildings. Architects likewise can be inspired by the closed systems, built-in services and compact arrangement of living spaces found in steamships and cruise liners, adapting these ideas into revolutionary designs for communal living spaces. Today, the influence has progressed to a point where ship design can be found in internal systems and floor plans.

Being based in a location where the sea is a prominant part of life, top architects in Bali are often exposed to the magnificence of water and the vessels that exist in this domain. Naval architecture is a direct response to the workings of nature with a goal to deliver a most efficent, streamlined and elegant structure.

Inspiration of Craftsmanship

Design capabilities and consideration are surrounded by the level of skill that is induced in the craftsmanship of the boat. The boat is required to have multiple parts which take on board a number of extreme environmental factors. At the same time a platform is created for an interior design that is compelling and a haven from what can be sometimes an extreme external environment. Above all, yachts are conceived, with lifestyle in mind. The bulwarks and rigging, interior finishes, and even the ergonomics of where the bedroom light switch will go are all deliberately envisioned and executed with the user in mind.

Accordingly when designing say an apartment building, or resort in Bali or anywhere with extreme climates, the utmost consideration is required and the use of a professional architect especially in Bali is incredibly important as they will be able to perceive and understand the great range of a number of factors, all of which correspond to each other and effect the building in way not necessarily understood to the user.

Implementing New Ways

Perhaps one of the most striking influences that naval design has on architecture, is the construction techniques, development of form, material advancement and computational technology employed. These have influenced much of our approach to design from prefabrication to joint details, or facade paneling to protective coatings. Buoyancy for us is about being lightweight, yet strong, which then creates structural efficiency and hence reduces costs. Some of the greatest technological advancements have come from this industry which we as architects need to be constantly aware of.