“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

― Augustine of Hippo.
Working at Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios – Inspiral as employer: In the following week the members of Inspiral will give you an insight into their work. Our social media and marketing intern Anna wrote the first article:

Today I would like to open a few pages that I have read during the last three month. I’m Anna, a German student who studies – no, not architecture or design – communication and economic sciences in Mainz, Germany. Before my last year of university is going to start, I decided to dive in the Balinese culture and work on the new INSPIRAL webpage (be prepared: It’s going to be amazing!) and social media channels.


Chapter: Bali, Indonesia
Subchapter: Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios



Paragraph 1_Routines.
It doesn’t matter where you are on the world, after a certain time routines will structure your day. But to be honest: I love my Bali-routines! Here’s a little insight into my daily life as an intern at INSPIRAL: I get up at early, at 6.30am – not because I have to; just because I love to. I jump into my swim-or sports clothes and go Berawa beach that appears directly in front of my door: Who is able to say he swims in the Indic Ocean instead of drinking coffee to wake up?! Back home at 7.30am I check the INSPIRAL Instagram– and Facebook-page while eating Bubur Hitam and talking to the family I live with. At about 9am I arrive with my scooter at the office in Kerobokan. In the morning I usually work on the social media channels, write new posts and answer mails that received us social media. By the way, I think my English skills increased a lot as I have to communicate in business English every day. After lunchtime I usually work on the appearance of the new INSPIRAL Webpage, join workshops or prepare presentations. My last presentation was about building a LinkedIn network between the INSPIRAL members. Click here to see the presentation online. I also join several workshops and talks that often combined business with pleasure: I love learning how on-page SEO and marketing strategies work while drinking a fresh juice on the beach (do you also want to join those workshops? Have a look at the Facebook-pages of Dojo Bali, Genius Café or C’ugh house). My day usually finishes at 5.30pm. On my way home I routinely stop Kerobokan night-market to buy a Padang Takeaway or some Balinese sweets. On the weekends I usually discover the island, get lost at several markets and get inspired by the spirit of Balinese temple.

Paragraph 2_Takeaway.
I really enjoyed the working atmosphere at INSPIRAL. The team is great and the fact that we also meet after work speaks for itself. And I really appreciate the philosophy of INSPIRAL! As long as we live on our planet it’s our task to protect the nature. Combining sustainability and eco-friendly architecture with such a great organic design made it easy for me to take responsibility for my work. At this point of my little book chapter I also want to thank the team for their warm welcome and Charlie Hearn for supporting my travelling plans! After my internship (organized by http://www.baliinternships.com/), INSPIRAL will have a cool new webpage and an increased social media reach (hopefully); but what also is important, I learned a lot about the Balinese way of life, architecture, social media, SEO and webpage-building.

Paragraph 3_To sum up.
To sum up I can say that I am quite proud of my internship at INSPIRAL and I had a great time, an amazing team and a huge portion of wonderful experiences.

“Hungry man, reach for the book: it is a weapon.”
― Bertolt Brech