Sustainability begins with the behavior of every single human-being

Last weekend the first International Conference of Architecture and Civil Engineering took place at Warmedewa University, Denpasar.

Charlie Hearn, director and lead architect of Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios, gave a presentation that focused on sustainable applications and gained a lot of applause for his highly modern concepts that harmonize sustainability and architecture. “I really enjoyed being one of the four keynote speakers and being inspired by the topics of the other experts”, said the founder and director on Friday.

The two day Conference put a spotlight on sustainability, design and culture. In workshops, presentation and talks the international participants and students discussed how to combine these keywords to a unit. “Events like this bring together experts from all subject areas; they can network and find the most productive way to build a sustainable future”, Charlie Hearn explained after his presentation.

General consensus after the presentations on Friday: It will be a huge disadvantage for our planet if infrastructure and building projects only focus on economic efficiency; furthermore sustainability begins with the behavior of every single human-being. One sentence of Charlie Hearn’s presentation has already given a behavior-example: “Bali has so many high quality construction materials that are produced on the island and they only have a little carbon footprint”.