The Secret to Successful Resort Design in Asia

Inspiral is delighted to be engaged as the main architecture and design consultants on numerous exciting hotel and resort projects. Resorts as a opposed to hotels are booming in popularity, the difference being resorts are thought to offer more of “an experience” than a hotel, of course there are exceptions to this rule.

Our approach to each and every one of these resort design projects is different based on the brief, budget, host country and its natural environment. Some of the resorts we are presently working on are for major international hotel groups and others are for private developers. The main difference with these two is that when working with big international brands we must exemplify the brands existing identity and often design within certain guidelines. However many clients come to us with in the very early stages of their brand design and concept and very quickly the architectural design begins to inform or shape the brand.  

As with any large scale commercial proposal, prior to commencing design we always recommend our clients conduct full feasibility on their concept. This is to ensure ultimately their business achieves the return that is required.

Moving on from feasibility with a clear brief from the client we take numerous factors into consideration when designing the layout of large scale resort in Asia. With any large scale resort comes a potentially large scale environmental impact. We are constantly striving to show our clients new and innovative ways to reduce cost by investing in green technologies.

With our in-house expertise in sustainable design and engineering oftentimes these are logical low cost design features that enhance ventilation and light thus minimising energy usage, in other cases we specify cutting edge structural materials and technologies that greatly increase the efficiency of the construction.

We have achieved great success at cohesively connecting pragmatic, functional layouts with green technologies to create destination resorts that have a clear sense of place. The importance of the entire space functioning on a practical level should never be overlooked, in order for the guest experience to be of a high level, the back of house services must be considered in the layout of the resort. Other factors that inform the guest experience is a sense of privacy within their personal quarters, whilst there should be a warm and friendly ambience within common areas. The placement of landmarks within the expanse of the resort allows for the guest to identify their location and experience vast open spaces and the serenity it can offer within feeling “lost”. With so many factors and anomalies to consider ultimately our flexible, solution focused attitude is our greatest asset in our journey to best becoming one of the most up and coming resort architectural design firms in Indonesia today.