The Royal Kamuela Transformed


Situated on a beautiful West Lombok beachside, this resort provides individuality and luxury. Using contemporary building forms enriched with natural materials, a seemless union is made between interesting built spaces and its surroundings. Maintaining the views through the site towards the sea or gardens is perhaps the most important aspect to the resort. Since the terrain is very flat, to enable the sense of view from this perspective, a series of viewing corridors have been placed so that each plot has immediate access to vistas.

The reception building looks to set the tone for high end iconic design as an open spaced pavilion inspired by the shapes found in Lombok tapestries. These shapes appear throughout the resort more subtly to remind the user of the Lombok experience. The units provide sleek living with organic undertones, while the spa provides a unique, other worldly sanctuary. The resort itself contains an extensive water recycling purification system along with green roof cooling and the extensive use of sustainable materials.