In February 2018 Charlie our lead Architect went to Nepal for a site inspection of a new project. Michael Wang, the director of  JW  Marriot Group for Asia experienced Merah Putih restaurant a couple of years ago and after various meetings and discussions this lead to Inspiral being listed on their recommended architects list for SE Asia. Fast forward to 2018 and Charlie has signed a contract with a Nepalese developer to design a Marriott brand Moxy hotel in Kathmandu.

Synchronicity as always, Inspiral already has a relationship with Nepal as we were involved with a direct aid mission with the Bye Bye Plastic team to Nepal post the 2015 earthquake.

The purpose of Charlie’s Nepal trip was not only for site inspection but also for research regarding design and construction in Nepal. There is vital research that must be conducted before an architect can begin the design process. Inspiral’s central design philosophy is based on a complimentary or symbiotic relationship between our creations and the environment and culture in which they reside.

Before we can provide an appropriate, both functional and culturally sensitive design we need to understand as much as possible, the environment in which the building will be constructed. In order to learn this Charlie had a very busy week visiting projects that are presently under construction, significant cultural sites and a building expo to understand which sustainable materials are available locally.