Charlie Hearn: Keynote speaker at Warmadewa University International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering


PUBLISHED Oct. 18, 2017

This Friday, Charlie Hearn will be one of the keynote speakers of the Warmadewa University International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering. The conference will take place in Denpasar on the 20th and 21st of October. The theme of this years conference is “Sustainability, Design and Culture”.

About the conference: “Construction and technological development gives many chances and opportunities for all architects and civil engineers to work creatively in developing their ability to arrange sustainable building construction and planning which develops principals from local wisdom. Sustainability, design, and culture represent how construction and technology development should be considered in practical life. Those words are the keywords that interrelate with each other. If we can combine those keywords along with construction planning, we can create a construction that doesn’t harm aspects that already exist on the environment where construction takes place… ” Find out more here.

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