The Inspiral Team is proud to present the completed work of the Jayagiri Villa.

With its unique blend of modern design and tropical elegance, the 4-bedroom, 2-story villa is an exemplary model of ecologically efficient features, including passive cooling techniques which drastically reduce the use of mechanical air conditioning as well as a solar thermal heating process for water. The eco-friendly, luxurious villa sits on 9.55 acres in Denpasar and features ornate landscaping that further heightens the atmosphere of both tranquility and luxury. The serene green roof looks over the expansive pool and further creates the feeling of an urban retreat while functioning as an evaporative cooler that results in overall energy reduction.

Energy efficient features are key to maintaining the eco-friendly nature of the Jayagiri Villa. These features include low voltage lighting as well motion sensor systems, which automatically relay information to energy consumption such as lights and air as conditioning based on the amount of people in the villa. In addition to these features, the Villa offers alternative energy sources such as the use of biofuels and photovoltaic’s. Low-flush toilets and rainwater collection are further examples of sustainable practices featured in the villa.

The Jayagiri Villa was developed using sustainable local materials such as: recycled steel, baked andesite stone, marble, and recycled teak wood. The Jayagiri Villa exemplifies Inspiral’s mantra of a harmonious existence between the created works and the nature that surrounds them. The stained glass skylight provides the perfect lighting for the spacious living room below. High ceilings and a blend of sleek wooden details around the villa create a spacious yet inviting feel. Every detail blends seamlessly into the design and expression of the villa, beginning at the entrance with the wrap around front pond that is adorned with welcoming stepping stones. The villa truly is an eco-modern sanctuary in Denpasar that provides an uplifting and balanced experience while simultaneously incorporating sustainable practices with contemporary luxury.