7 Facts about Interior Designing

PUBLISHED Mar. 25, 2021

From the antiquate times up till this contemporary world, the élan of interior designing has changed dramatically. Interior designing is not only about furnishing and filling up space. It is about how to use up space more practically and embellish it in a more eye-catching way. Inspiral architects present you with some constructive facts about interior designing that will persuade you to hire an apartment architect in Indonesia every time you go for refurbishing your space. 


Some people believe that hiring an interior designer is exorbitant, but it varies from project to project. Professional interior designers demand reasonable pricing, and the flair they bring in your space is worth paying.

Your choice matters:

Your choice and preference are all that matters. Don’t assume that your hired designer will make all the decisions for you. They will present ideas related to the project, but the final choice is always upon you.


Studies have shown that several colors can uplift your mood and make the environment around you more peaceful, which increases an individual’s productivity. Some tones can escalate your concentration. Some colors bring you relaxation, for example: white and blue.

More voids on the wall, happier you’ll be:

Having more windows and ventilation pathways in your space is good for your mental health. The views of the sky and greenery you will get from the window will give you a boost in your dopamine. Hospitals tend to have large windows near patient’s beds that play the role of a small therapist. 

Environmental sustainability:

Interior designing nowadays is all about efficiency and environmental sustainability. The designer you hire will use eco-friendly and recyclable products that will go easy on your pocket and look aesthetic. Quality and minimum prices are also a plus point while using sustainable products. Remember, the earth is your home first.


Balanced illumination in a place is the key to many behavioral changes. Too much light can perturb your sleep cycle whereas; more lighting broadens your horizons and gives your body a good kick start in the morning. Getting good pictures also comes in handy when you have your lighting sorted. Maintaining a balance of illumination by keeping light source, room color, and availability of objects in consideration is only possible through a mindset of a professional designer.


In the hurdle of getting a trendy atmosphere, people tend to keep comfortability in the secondary position. Comfortability should be on top of your list. When your body is in a comfortable environment, your state of mind is also stable, and you can produce better outcomes. The place where you are spending most of your time should have serenity vibes.

So here were some facts about interior designing that a designer keeps in mind while working. Inspiral Architects, the architecture home consultancy in Indonesia makes your designing a lot easier, and aims to bestow the finest. For more information, please contact at info@inspiralarchitects.comor at +62 (0) 361 300 3480.

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