“Inspiral Architects Participating in Sonne Stories Exhibition


Kerobokan, 15 May 2024 – Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios participated in the Sonne Stories: A Collaboration event series held on May 15th to 18th, 2024 at the Sonne Showroom.

Sonne, a home and living products showroom, marked the inauguration of a new establishment in Bali with “Sonne Stories: A Collaboration.” This event contains an architecture exhibition, PODS Series (live streaming presentation), Sapa Tetangga, workshops, and several engaging activities.

The architecture exhibition featured 12 architects and designers from Bali and Jakarta. Showcasing the bamboo 3D scale model of Luna Beach Club, Rahman Sayekti, the representative of the Inspiral Architects got a chance to elaborate on the concept and challenges behind the project during the PODS Series, including the use of sustainable materials and innovative construction techniques were highlighted as key features of this project.

The participation of Inspiral Architects in this exhibition aimed to introduce sustainable architecture by implementing eco materials, where the design should merge and improve the natural surroundings, including how it should be operated harmoniously in terms of energy and efficiency.